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Tippers & Trailers - Car Carrier Trailers, Tip Trailers and tippers for the big track - the highway.

That is what
Tippers & Trailers began with. Tippers & Trailers - established by the Hissaria group in Bangalore, began modestly in terms of production facilities but with a clear, far-sighted dream-view of our nation with long, safe and illuminated highways . . . large movers, dumpers and tippers plying majestically on them.

All that was required was to fill colours into this dream-view and make the panoramic picture a reality.

That is how came the formation of Tippers & Trailers India Private Limited in 2004 as recognised builders of structurally designed prime mover bodies and trailers.

From an open workspace, it will soon be five-acre fully-equipped facility within 30 km of Bangalore is a long, path-breaking journey, indeed, but very rewarding. The new facility will boast of, among other things, a 70-feet Paint Shop Oven - the only one of its kind in the private industry in India today.

Tippers & Trailers has been widely accepted across the country as the most reliable in its field with all designs approved by leading Indian automobile manufacturers - Maruti Udyog Ltd., Hyundai, Toyota Kirloskar,Tata Motors etc.

Having been so closely associated with the highways, it was only natural that Tippers & Trailers go into supporting the illumination process there. Swaged Poles made by Tippers & Trailers bear the same stamp of quality as its trailers and mover-bodies, the reason why they are approved by all concerned authorities.

Tippers & Trailers, fulfilling its own focussed goal of arriving at a better solution for a better tomorrow, has consistently maintained a high quality in production and always provided value for money to its customers. Tippers & Trailers has managed to achieve economy for its customers and contributed its mite to literally drive the economy at the same time.

In just two words Tippers & Trailers is today doing just this . . . driving economy.

Within a very short span, Tippers & Trailers has established an enviable track record and is today acknowledged among the industry leaders in the fields of Car-carrying Trailers, Truck bodies and Swaged Poles.

The state-of-art fabrication workshop in 100000 Sft sft built space at the Attibele plant is manned by highly skilled employees with only one combined goal - to achieve the best quality.

In this effort they are ably supported by the team of designers striving constantly to build the most cost-effective and space optimising design for the prime mover bodies and to attain perfection in the fabrication design of swaged poles.

Promoters of Tippers & Trailers have maintained a single-track dedication to the project, laying maximum stress on the aspect of quality. The fact that most fleet-owners and prime-moving organisations in contract with most automobile manufacturers across the country prefer Tippers & Trailers -built bodies, goes to prove that it is this aspect of quality that scores most.

Tippers & Trailers has not let this faith placed in it by the valued customers to go asunder. On the contrary, there is a constant effort to improve on the product and offer more value for money to the customer.

It is this spirit of looking for that something which lies beyond, that keeps Tippers & Trailers going . . . in search of the better solution for a better tomorrow.